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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Author: Collette Thomas
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Genre: Erotic Romantic Mystery Suspense
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Rating: Special Content Alert – BDSM, Graphic Violence’

Can Police Officer/Martial Arts Instructor Josh Tyler protect dance instructor Deirdre Clarke from an abusive stalking ex husband who is determined to win back his ex wife at any cost and through any means that he can?


Deirdre took a deep breath and turned, ready to take Josh Tyler to task for keeping her waiting, but the words died on her lips when she saw him. He was every bit as sexy as his voice. His thick, dark hair, damp from his recent shower, just brushed his collar. A set of crystal blue eyes were set in a smooth, lightly tanned and freshly shaven face—eyes that blatantly ran over her in a slow, appreciative appraisal.
Josh smiled, showing even, white teeth. Deirdre spotted a small, almost undetectable scar over his left brow that did nothing to detract from his rugged good looks, and merely added to them. He wore a white knit shirt that had an emblem embroidered on the pocket. She guessed it had to do with the martial arts school. The fabric molded perfectly to his body. And ohmyGod, what a body. He wasn’t massive or overly built like a bodybuilder, but she knew every muscle in that upper and lower torso had been well developed through years of hard, disciplined training.
Suddenly, her heart did a flip-flop as her earlier vision of Josh Tyler in the shower filled her mind. Only now, having seen him, the image became electrifying. In her mind, soap streamed over smooth, wide shoulders, cascaded over an extremely tight butt, an engorged cock. The impromptu fantasy left her wanting—a longing she hadn’t felt in years, one she hadn’t thought she’d ever feel again.
The man was hot and Deirdre could hear Lisa now. You were a fool to have turned him down that first time.
She forced herself to meet his gaze, only to find him grinning down at her, as if reading her thoughts. Her cheeks grew hot.
“I hope the rentals will pass inspection as well as I seem to have,” he said, his voice laced with humor.
Maddie let out a howl of laughter.
Modesty, Deirdre decided, was obviously not one of Josh Tyler’s stronger attributes. “Sorry if I was staring,” she answered coolly, “but after talking to a person on the phone, and then seeing them in person . . . .”
Josh chuckled. “Hey, I’m not disappointed, either.” His gaze blatantly traveled down her form. “I have to say, for a detective, Luke sure fell short in his description of you. Then again, Luke’s assessments don’t always measure up. He said you were skinny, but I find you to be just right.” His gaze shifted until it fell on the curves of her breasts, then higher, until he appeared to be staring at her mouth.
Deirdre suddenly felt the need to lick her lips. The movement didn’t go unnoticed, as indicated by the subtle arch of one of his brows. What really disturbed her was that she found herself imagining what his lips would feel like, not only on her own lips, but on a variety of other, more intimate places. Yeah, the man was definitely hot—burning hot. Yet, despite the chemistry, she knew she needed to be careful. She could get badly burned with this one.

To Order: Noble Romance Publishing
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Saturday, July 26, 2008




Wednesday, July 23, 2008



I just finished today the first round of edits for my newest story DEADLY SECRETS. This is a full length novel at about 300 pages. The characters have lived inside my head for a while now. The strangest part about the characters we create, at least for me, is that they do indeed take on a life of their own. Some say this really isn't the case, and this is all simply a figment of our imagination. Not real. Just pretend.

But when for a time you find yourself inside the heads of any of these characters, at least for me I start to regard them as taking on a certain realism. Josh Tyler my hero, or Deirdre Clarke, the heroine, I feel I have made new friends. Some characters we grow to like, even love, and some we may simply feel a disdain for, e.g the hero (Bruce Braddock) which in and of itself is not a bad thing. We writer love to hate our villains. And we certainly enjoy making them as "bad" as possible, yet give them a few redeeming qualities.

Villains are made by the words we use. In the process we may struggle so that we avoid the stereotypical villain who may result in someone too predictable. We know at the end of the story good comes out the winner, and evil receives whatever well deserved punishment we can met out.

DEADLY SECRETS provides the gamut of characters, some of whom live life based on what the past has done to them, and some who seek to move forward so they can live a life where they will thrive.

We have characters who attempt to live out their dream, as my heroine Deirdre does when she opens up the dance studio.

We have characters who succumb to that dark side of themselves, which can necessitate some courage in order to follow these inclinations, as one of the secondary characters Maureen Donatelli, who discovers her preference for kinky sex.

BDSM is one of the themes strongly brought forth in this story. The story demonstrates the existence of good BDSM as opposed to not so good BDSM that can have disastrous results.

And of course we have the romance (between Josh Tyler and Deirdre Clare) where the hero and heroine struggle to get to a point where they (and us) can enjoy the happy forever ending, if that should occur. Can't tell you at that point if that happens.

The release for DEADLY SECRETS is scheduled for AUGUST 1st at Noble Romance Publishing. A great time of year I think as it will add one more sizzling tale to that summer reading list!

Collette Thomas
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Release at Aspen Mountain Press

Goin’ Down Two

It’s here! Goin’ Down Two joins Goin’ Down One out now at Aspen Mountain Press.
Maybe you’ve dreamed it. Maybe you’ve done it.
Well, Mallory Hall, Karma Jones, Tambra Kendall, Renee Michaels, Blythe Phillips, Jane Leopold Quinn, Shannon Robinson and Collette Thomas, the eight Goin’ Down Ladies, have written getting stuck in an elevator with a hunky mysterious guy(s) stories.
Eight different stories were created from the deepest, weirdest recesses of our minds. These stories run the gamut from sophisticated to sensually sweet to hot and sexually explicit. They are intense, funny, romantic, and some have surprise endings. We have it all!

Buy Link: Aspen Mountain Press

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where the heck do we come up with our characters?

I think this is a question that most readers might wonder about when they pick up a book, i.e. where do we authors come up with these characters.

Jonathan Wetherall the III who made his debut in Hot Sex with a Stranger started out as the quintessential nerdy type. Yet, somehow he has gone through a transition, evolving into someone altogether different from what I had originally envisioned.

No longer the corporate CEO with the two piece pinstripe suit, instead I now see him reflecting more of his darker side. And in Four Play we do get to see more of that side especially since he's expanded his publishing business to now include adult videos.

Yeah, Jonathan is starting to delve into the deeper recesses of his psyche. And while developing the story FOUR PLAY, I noticed Jonathan has an even deeper side of him that has had him in some denial. Because now I'm getting the impression that he may be bi-sexual. I don't normally write m/m romances, but after Four Play, I feel the definite need to write a story that incorporates this developing side of Jonathan.

I'm not sure what Myrna's is going to say about all of this when she discovers her lover may be preferring to spend more time with her roommate's Adrienne's lover, namely Art Wagner.

I realize today this may have been the reason for my coming up with a new Flash Fiction Monday at my Erotic Romance Workshop group -- namely that first time when someone realizes he or she may be attracted to the same sex person. What happens when that occurs? What emotions come into play? Does one go into denial? Or do they go with it? Go where their emotions take them? What will Jonathan do when he finally acknowledges this facet of himself? Will he deny its existence? Will he accept it as part of who he is?

It will be interesting when I start to develop his story. Frankly, I'm not sure what will happen.

We will just have to sit back and see how it all goes from this point on. Meantime, stay tune because FOUR PLAY is up on the Coming Soon page at Forbidden. Release date will be announced here and at my website.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Goin' Down Ladies are at it again with four more stories that take place inside a stalled elevator, demonstrating all the possibilities of what can happen when that elevator won't move.

Coming July 18 at Aspen Mountain Press

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What President are you most like?

You Are Most Like Bill Clinton

No doubt, your legacy may be a little seedier than you'd like.

But even though you've done some questionable things, you're still loved by almost all.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


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Monday, June 30, 2008


Maybe you’ve dreamed it. Maybe you’ve done it.

Well, Mallory Hall, Karma Jones, Tambra Kendall, Renee Michaels, Blythe Phillips, Jane Leopold Quinn, Shannon Robinson and Collette Thomas, the eight Goin’ Down Ladies, have written getting stuck in an elevator with a hunky mysterious guy(s) stories.

Eight different stories were created from the deepest, weirdest recesses of their minds. These stories run the gamut from sophisticated to sensually sweet to hot and sexually explicit. They are intense, funny, romantic, and some have surprise endings. We have it all.

The first anthology is scheduled to be released at ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS on May 23, the second on July 18, 2008. And oh, my yes, there’s something for everyone!

Volume I (May 23) - Two outrageous older women live out separate fantasies with a younger man inside a stuck elevator (The Elevator Man by Collette Thomas). All work and no play makes Jenna a dull girl until she meets Dante, the hot Italian stud who has nothing but the business of teaching her pleasure on his mind (Descent into Pleasure by Renee Michaels). A widow who lives out an erotic dream inside a stalled elevator with a silk clad cowboy (Aft Shaft by Mallory Hall). And a fired secretary releases her frustration on an ex-boss then discovers a mutual attraction that explodes into heated passion in (Fired or Fired Up by Shannon Robinson).

Join us at ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS on May 23 and July 18, because we’re Goin’ Down.