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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Year Passed

I'm sure others will agree when I ask where in the heck did 2010 go?  I mean not to sound too cliche but it seems as if we were just getting into 2010 when here we are almost into 2011.   I'm not sure I care for the idea that the time is speeding by at break neck speeds that leave me wondering what I did over these last 12 months of THIS year.

Okay I did manage to put up a mini series on which has been earning a steadier rate of readers. 

I managed to get into my laptop ALL the letters written between my parents during WWII (160) that actually tells the tale of a delightful love story as well as why my parents stayed together for over 65 plus years before they passed on seven years ago.

My production level as a writer has somehow not kept up with my goals to produce.  I am hoping that in 2011 both will get into sync once again so that I can complete the projects that are in process of becoming more that just WIP's on a back burner.

Meantime, I'm gearing up to celebrate in incoming new year and hope that things will turn around for all of us so that we all accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves whatever goals they may be.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Time Flies By Too Darn Fast

I can't believe that my last posting here was in September and here it is December 13.   Where did the time go I'm now asking myself? 

I could blame it on the holiday seasons, yet that's not really going to fly.  Writers do not "not" write during any season.  Taking out a few minutes every day for a blog isn't asking for much.

Yet, I'm trying to determine what prevented me from blogging here on a regular basis.

I'm sure I'll come up with something.

I'm thinking it might be because of my working on a couple of non-fiction projects.  Now I'm at the point where I need to get back into more fiction.

Or maybe because once the cold weather settled in I'm simply not working as fast or as long as I used to but instead find myself cuddled up on the sofa with one of my "blankies" over me and sipping hot ginger tea.

I do know that the last WIP in the Pleasure of Our Company series has been waiting for me to get to it, and get to it pronto?

Okay, now I'm also thinking that I may have incurred a bit of "writer's block."   It happens.  I wrote a good part of that story but came to a dead halt.  Something inside my brain simply would not operate on the level that could have enabled me to finish that story.  It needed to gel.   What I mean by gelling, it needed to settle down somewhere inside my brain, perculate for a time until I knew where the heck I was going to go with that story.

You see there are inherent evil doings in these stories.  The evil is palpable.  And I suddenly find myself unable to deal with this evil and so immerse myself in other types of writings, such as memoirs of my parents...letters they wrote to each other while my dad served in the army during WWII   -  1942 - 1945.  There are between them over 160 letters that actually form a storyline, even a plot with a beginning, middle, and ending. 

This of course took me away from the "evil" that permeates through my mini series The Pleasure of Our Company.

Also, as those of us who live here in Connecticut,  know the Petit trial started in September.  This is the trial of one of two monsters who wreaked unspeakable horrifying acts against an innocent family in the town of Cheshire, Connecticut...only 29 minutes from where I live.  If anyone cares to read it, an occurrence of synchronicity happened just before this trial began.  I write about it at my other blog/newsletter.   I think once the trial began, once again my focus became redirected as a result my WIP's needed to wait until I was ready to bring my attention back to them.

What happened on that terrible July morning in 2007 at the Petit house only confirms that evil does exist in our world and that it can as it did with me take us off track from living our ordinary days.

I do know because of the evil that occurred here in Connecticut, future stories in my own series will take on greater meaning, namely that we must become aware of this evil around us, not  ignore it, and always be on guard to what is really happening around us by becoming a bit more vigilant with our own.

Yes, I agree as many will say I'm's a hell of a way to live but in today's modern times probably quite necessary.

The verdict was I think a just verdict made by jurors who gave this first defendant the death penalty on numerous accounts.  Justice was served here in Connecticut.  Next summer another trial begins as the second monster is brought to justice. If  only those two depraved souls had listened to the voice of reason and compassion instead of acting upon a voice whose origin can only be designated as pure unadulterated evil lives would have been spared. 

Okay today I'll focus my attention on Rhonda's Story, which will be the 8th story in my series.