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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is Here - Where did the summer go?

This morning I had to fish out some of my long sleeved tops.  I'm not ready to do this yet.  I'm not ready for temps below 70.  I've been too focused on my latest WIP to care about changing seasons.   In fact I'm over 85K and at the very end where I now need to make decisions about where this is all going to go.  

The whole novel is comprised of mini stories of each of my characters.  It has presented a challenge in that I've tried to keep in mind that each character needs a character arc; an element that every novel should have.  Do each of my character change from what he/she was in the beginning to what they will become at the end of this story? 

Writing any story is pretty much like taking a journey.  You start out with new fresh ideas, know where you might want to go with the plot.  Then there comes a point where what you thought in the beginning might have to change somewhere in the middle.  It is these twists and turns that take place throughout the creative process that make not only an exciting but challenging endeavor but one that continues to pull me back to it until at least the first draft is finished.

At times I've had to think out of the box on this one and by so doing have been able to I think pull it off. 

Still, nothing is done in concrete and as I progress further on this latest writing journey  I'lll continue to make changes, or get through obstacles in terms of  asking myself is this all making sense?  Is this plausible?  Are there contrivances here?  Coincidences? 

When I'm not at the keyboard and I'm doing other things my mind does not pull itself away from the story plot.  Just the other day while driving to do some grocery shopping I realized one of my characters has a terrible jealous streak in her which will then give more meaning to the final outcome.   I didn't bring along my memo recorder so had to pray this aha moment stayed with me until I got back home to write it down somewhere.   Actually when I woke this morning I remembered preventing it from turning into a faded memory.

Meantime I need to go find some sweatshirts to pull over the long sleeved tops.  It's only 58 out there and fortunately the mercury is still rising.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


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