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Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Free Ebook for Today's New Followers
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I'll be checking my blog at midnight tonight.

 A Trilogy of Hot Over the Top Fun Sexy Stories that celebrate those special occasions. 
Happy Anniversary, Honey - Cassie Daniels, erotic romance writer, plays out her very own erotic fantasy with handsome Mannie Rodriguez during a sumptuous dinner.

Happy Birthday, Honey – Tracy Miller wants to be a slut! Her friend Melissa helps her play out this wish. In return, Tracy provides Melissa and her husband Bruce the best birthday gift ever. (Involves a ménage.)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey--Gabriele Clarke and Amanda Morelli certainly know how to enjoy Valentine’s Day and do more than swap Valentine Day cards when they enjoy a delightful ménage with one man called Antonio.  (Involves a ménage.)


An Authorized Excerpt
She bent closer to him and in her most sultry tone said, “So, what do you like doing to a lady?” she asked, as if asking him to pass the saltshaker. “Do you like it straight up, you know, vanilla sex? Or do your fantasies require more? Maybe a quickie, or do you like it long and leisurely where we take our time? Do you want to fondle my breasts, suck my nipples, lick my clit, and would you like it if my pussy gets so dripping wet you can slide right in?”
He straightened more as if he hadn’t heard right. A nervous tic played at the side of his mouth. Innocently enough she smiled at him, all the while taking several sips of her wine, which had already started to go to her head. Two glasses was her quota, but somehow a third glass seemed to be in order tonight.
This one was going to be easy, she mused. Put it right there in front of them, let them think they’re taking the lead, then grab it from them and run with it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weather as Setting

Last night the rains came down...I mean they really came down.  I had just gotten into bed and heard the drumming of the rain on the house...I'm talking all sides of the house, the roof, the siding, the windows, and even the skylight in the bathroom area.

I'm thinking what if there's a flash flood and the house comes off its foundation.  Hey, it happens.  Except I'm up on a mountain and rain that comes down travels right down the mountain road so I don't particularly worry about my house getting washed away.

I looked out the window and I could see the whipping sheets of rain through the swirling fog.  What a perfect night to work on my latest story.  I envisioned Waterman Manor as these same sheets of rain and wind pound against its sides while inside all my characters are contained within its walls.

You see I'm at a point where all hell is going to break loose in the story.  Yet I'm also at a point where I'm not sure how that's going to happen.  Or who's going to win.  And who's going to lose.  We have the quintessential story of Good vs. Evil.  And there's a lot of stuff going on inside my brain at the moment.  Before I get back to typing out the rest of the story I need to first let it play itself out in my mind.  At least for now.  Tomorrow I will dive back into the story and get things rocking and rolling.  But a night like last night I'll try to keep in my mind all the mental images.

A night like last night provides the perfect setting for the next scene I'm going to write.  "Weather can add atmosphere and even psychology to our stories.  Temperature is pain or pleasure; humidity is mood; barometric pressure is destiny (in terms of weather, but also in terms of human nature).  From 170 Ways to Save A Novel by Peter Selgin

Meantime, I'm going to bed and tonight should be a quieter night. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vampires, Escorts, Evil Doings that Run Amuck

Things That Go Bump In The Night
I'm referring to my latest WIP.  This one takes me into a place where evil doings create a reality not unlike what you'd might find in a Stephen King novel.  I used to read his work back in the 70's and 80's ending up scaring myself silly.  One night while reading his Salem Lot I scared myself to the extent I barely could get myself out of see a picture fell off the wall while I'm reading the part where Vampires are coming through the window.

Yet, I remember how these stories although they kept me awake at night, seem to take on a reality of their own.  Then for a long time I wouldn't read horror fiction.  In fact the last book I think was the Exorcist.  I couldn't finish it.  Too damn scary and it left me feeling at odds with myself and the world.

Now I'm finding that creating stories involving vampires, and things that go bump in the night presents a unique challenge in and of itself. 

Vampires combined with erotic writing has had me create a host of characters in my WIP that may prevent others from getting a really good night's sleep.  Finishing that first draft took time, and now that the gist of the story line is pretty much in place, I know where I'm going with it, or where my characters are going with it, the rest is simply to ensure it all makes damn good sense.

No coincidences, or contrivances, or whatever plot ploy for me.  Tomorrow I start again on the second draft where it will make even more sense in terms of a storyline that follows the parameters required in developing a hopefully unforgettable read.

The sun is shining and my dog is looking at me, wondering when I'm going to put her leash on and take her out for her walk.  It'll do me some good as well especially since summer is passing by all too fast and I've yet to make it to the shore...any shore.