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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Author: Collette Thomas
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Genre: Erotic Romantic Mystery Suspense
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Rating: Special Content Alert – BDSM, Graphic Violence’

Can Police Officer/Martial Arts Instructor Josh Tyler protect dance instructor Deirdre Clarke from an abusive stalking ex husband who is determined to win back his ex wife at any cost and through any means that he can?


Deirdre took a deep breath and turned, ready to take Josh Tyler to task for keeping her waiting, but the words died on her lips when she saw him. He was every bit as sexy as his voice. His thick, dark hair, damp from his recent shower, just brushed his collar. A set of crystal blue eyes were set in a smooth, lightly tanned and freshly shaven face—eyes that blatantly ran over her in a slow, appreciative appraisal.
Josh smiled, showing even, white teeth. Deirdre spotted a small, almost undetectable scar over his left brow that did nothing to detract from his rugged good looks, and merely added to them. He wore a white knit shirt that had an emblem embroidered on the pocket. She guessed it had to do with the martial arts school. The fabric molded perfectly to his body. And ohmyGod, what a body. He wasn’t massive or overly built like a bodybuilder, but she knew every muscle in that upper and lower torso had been well developed through years of hard, disciplined training.
Suddenly, her heart did a flip-flop as her earlier vision of Josh Tyler in the shower filled her mind. Only now, having seen him, the image became electrifying. In her mind, soap streamed over smooth, wide shoulders, cascaded over an extremely tight butt, an engorged cock. The impromptu fantasy left her wanting—a longing she hadn’t felt in years, one she hadn’t thought she’d ever feel again.
The man was hot and Deirdre could hear Lisa now. You were a fool to have turned him down that first time.
She forced herself to meet his gaze, only to find him grinning down at her, as if reading her thoughts. Her cheeks grew hot.
“I hope the rentals will pass inspection as well as I seem to have,” he said, his voice laced with humor.
Maddie let out a howl of laughter.
Modesty, Deirdre decided, was obviously not one of Josh Tyler’s stronger attributes. “Sorry if I was staring,” she answered coolly, “but after talking to a person on the phone, and then seeing them in person . . . .”
Josh chuckled. “Hey, I’m not disappointed, either.” His gaze blatantly traveled down her form. “I have to say, for a detective, Luke sure fell short in his description of you. Then again, Luke’s assessments don’t always measure up. He said you were skinny, but I find you to be just right.” His gaze shifted until it fell on the curves of her breasts, then higher, until he appeared to be staring at her mouth.
Deirdre suddenly felt the need to lick her lips. The movement didn’t go unnoticed, as indicated by the subtle arch of one of his brows. What really disturbed her was that she found herself imagining what his lips would feel like, not only on her own lips, but on a variety of other, more intimate places. Yeah, the man was definitely hot—burning hot. Yet, despite the chemistry, she knew she needed to be careful. She could get badly burned with this one.

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