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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Yahoo Promo Groups for Readers and Writers of Erotic-Erotica and Paranormal Fiction

I maintain two Yahoo groups, moderating them on a daily basis to alleviate any spam from coming through. I hope these groups continue to grow as I think some really great excerpts come through as well as where to go to order these reads.

In the day of Indie authors, there are some terrific reads that go above and beyond what a reader might find in a bookstore mainly because bookstores stock a few select authors.  Yes, don't get me wrong, great reads are found there as well.  But the world is a big place and there are so many other writers who create spellbinding stories that may never have seen the light of day based on whether they are selected and their work is put on a bookstore's shelves.  

Meaning not all stories fit into one specific genre but actually cross genres and produce literary worlds that can be unlike anything we've read since mankind first realized words on a page (or in stone) tells a story that others can enjoy.

EROTIC-EROTICA FICTION GROUP and LET'S PROMOTE EROTICA PARANORMAL FICTION are two groups to join to learn about new reads and new authors.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the Love of Writing

There's a book titled "Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow."  

Well, I just got an email telling me that money has been deposited into my Paypal account for books I have written and have been out there for the reading public.   All I have to do is log in into my Paypal account and transfer the whole $1.85 to my bank account. 

I can then go celebrate, maybe with a cup of tea (small size) at Borders, which I plan to do this week. 

$1.85 for stories that received great reviews and feedback. A writer doesn't get four start reviews for stories that aren't good.  Night Fantasies, Stormbound, No More Secrets, No More Lies, To Love A Soldier, and my Todd Hollow series Deadly Games, Deadly Affairs, etc. all earned great reviews.

So now I sit here and wonder.  Many authors are doing well as Indie Authors.  Then how come not more sales?  I'm on a host of various promo loops. I moderate and host two Yahoo groups myself where others promote themselves, and yet my sales are so poor I no longer have words to express what I'm now feeling.  Well I can try.  Disheartened.  Frustrated.  Sad.  A little angry perhaps. Discouraged.  Yet at the end of the day still hopeful.  All of this comes with the territory.  Some people become overnight successes.  Some take more time to get to that point they consider themselves successful.  And others go at a snail like pace, eventually getting to their destination.  I'm probably in the last category, which is okay except I guess considering where I am age wise, my patience is starting to wear thin and I'm feeling it's now or never.    

I probably shouldn't put this stuff on my blog, yet frustration sometimes pushes us to a point where we need to let it out of our system to avoid keeping it in and suffering whatever consequences arises from "keeping such things bottled up."

Most writers I know go through all this self doubt, as well as the frustration, and we wonder if we should simply give up.  Should I now go and fill out those employment forms at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, or Price Chopper?  Then I would be ensured a steady paycheck every week. 

Yet do I throw in the towel?   Somehow I've never been able to do that mainly because I know once readers read these stories, they will enjoy them.    And I in turn enjoy writing them, creating fictional worlds that provide a means of escape from a world going crazier by the moment.  Plus it's what every writer needs to do, which is to keep believing in themselves and their work and not throw in the towel at any point if they don't need to.

Someone like Casey Anthony will have someone help her write "her" book, and her words will be read by millions.  (Sounds like sour grapes, doesn't it?)

But trust me, although many say they won't buy the book, go see the movie, I'm sorry to say curiosity does more than kill any poor feline because yes there will be the enormous advances, and readers will be rushing into bookstores (if any are left) to buy the  tell all book , or simply download the thing from places like Amazon, B&N, or  whatever outlets will carry the story.  

I'm just hoping in this tell all book she will let the world know exactly what happened to a three year old girl and that whatever happened would result in her death because nothing at the trial made much sense other than the fact that the mother in some way caused the death of her beautiful young daughter.  And with the monies she makes hopefully she will  use them toward good rather than for selfish means.

Meantime, I will continue to write my books, and do what many writers do, which is to do a bit of struggling with our own lives, eek out a living for ourselves, and then be thankful for whatever comes our way.

Actually I always maintain an optimistic approach to life.  I appreciate the fact that I am able to sit here and write.  Also, that I enjoy my time with family and friends, as well as my Peekapoo who by the way she looks at me with those big oversized brown eyes tells me every day that I am special, and as far as she's concerned  I am a successful writer. 

Still, what can one really do with $1.85?   Simply throw it into my piggy bank and watch it grow.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Borders Demise

I heard it on the news.  I read it in the postings of Yahoo.  Borders will soon join those businesses that do not survive this last recession.   This is not a good day when a business like Borders falls by the wayside.  I'm quite sadden by the news.  Yet I can say for myself that I always have been a supporter of all bookstores.  Proof of that lies downstairs in my basement, as well as upstairs where my shelves overflow with books on pretty much every subject, most of which come from Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Borders was a place to go where one could enter any world and all worlds.

Just now on the eleven o'clock news they are announcing a Border's closing--the one near Westfarms Mall.

For most of us this is the end of an era.

For me it now becomes one more memory adding to my memories of people and things who no longer occupy my life, namely my late husband, my parents, my in-laws.

Summers were always special for me and my family especially with my late husband who was off during summer months from his teaching job.  Summers meant not only taking trips to various shorelines, or places of interests, but also spending quiet afternoons and some evenings in places like a Borders.

One of the special things we'd do on a Saturday or Sunday was to first go out to breakfast to a diner that made great blueberry pancakes.  Then we'd spend a few hours at a casino, usually Foxwoods.  (I haven't been to Foxwoods since July 5, 2002.  I have been to a Borders. )

Afterward we'd enjoy a nice lunch at either the buffet or one of the local inside restaurants at Foxwoods and then we'd call it a day and leave.  On the way home we would stop either at a Barnes and Noble or a Borders Music and Books.  There we'd enjoy a snack, and browse through the store.  I do know I never left either of those stores without purchasing a few books.

After my husband passed on I found myself at Borders several times a week, spending hours in the store, mainly to give my mind a rest from the grieving process and also to focus on writing my stories.  Somehow the browsing always inspired me.  I'd find myself hurrying home to work on a story I had already started, or start a new one.   I had gotten to the point where I knew where just about every subject could be located within a Borders, even at times helping other customers like myself  find what they were looking for. 

Writing is such a lonely endeavor.  I don't have to tell any writer what that is like.  Interaction over the internet is never quite the same.  Places like Borders gave me a place to go where I could be surrounded by not only the books I love but by people who shared the same emotion toward books.

Places like Borders was my home away from home, and more often than not going to a Borders gave me a place of solace that I sought and needed, as well as reprieve from some of the emotional turmoil that originated with the death of my loved ones.

An empty Borders building is quite depressing to say the least.  I came upon the one in Simsbury, CT.   It left a hole in my heart knowing that inside were shelves devoid of books and that what had been such an enjoyable experience would be no more.  That's when I panicked.  Was the same going to happen to the one near Westfarms Mall?   No way I thought.  Yet, I was wrong.

Okay I'm an Indie Author who never did have the chance to see any of her books on a Border's shelves.  I did what was necessary to survive as a writer by uploading stories to places like Amazon, Smashwords, Pubit (B&N). 

In this life we do what we need to do to survive.  The internet might just well be the "Beast" that changes the world.  We have yet to find out exactly what affect that's going to have on the world as a whole.  So far it's not good for bookstores. 

Unfortunately with the demise of Borders, jobs will be lost, more people out of work.  In turn this can only hurt an already sluggish, struggling economy.

As for myself, I'll keep writing my stories, creating new worlds, and look for another place to go where I can alleviate some of the loneliness that comes with the writing life.

It's all any one of us can do.

I'll go to Borders this week if just to reinforce inside my mind that yes, this is another era that will end and leave behind its memories. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Ebook with any order of any of my books

Romantic Picnic Basket Recipes is an ebook I compiled to help celebrate summer festivities.  This book includes the following recipes. Order any of my ebooks and I will send you this ebook free.  (Offer lasts until the end of summer.  If you want the ebook you can go to and order it for the Kindle for $2.99)  To get your free copy just email me the receipt at 

Tangy Stuffed Tomatoes  
Deviled Eggs 

Romantic Burgers                                
Soy and lemon Chicken                                              
Salmon Sandwiches                                                 
Rib Eyed Steak in Bock Beer Marinade                          
Pinto Bean Casserole                                                               
Hot Wings                                                                                     
More Summertime Burgers                                             
Portobello Mushrooms and Goat Cheese Sandwiches           
Grilled Chicken     
Chili Chicken Casserole  

Italian Pasta Salad        
Antipasto Pasta Salad 
Artichoke Dip       
Grilled Sweet Brown Sugar Potato Sticks
Potato Salad  
Spinach Dip in Hawaiian Round Bread 
Macaroni Apple Salad   
Red Cabbage with Apples 
Avocado Salad      
Avocado, Tomato and Sweet Onion Salad 
Green Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette 
Grilled Chicken Citrus Salad 
Mandarin Orange Salad  
Oriental Spinach Salad   
Spring Mix Salad  

Cantaloupe Soup        
Cream Cheese with Fresh Fruits    
Banana Bread 
Margarita Dessert Dip with Cinnamon Chips 
Cinnamon Tortilla Chips (or as appetizers as well) 
Strawberry Blossoms  
Strawberry Delight 
Chocolate Bars    
Cocoa Kisses