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Monday, June 30, 2008


Maybe you’ve dreamed it. Maybe you’ve done it.

Well, Mallory Hall, Karma Jones, Tambra Kendall, Renee Michaels, Blythe Phillips, Jane Leopold Quinn, Shannon Robinson and Collette Thomas, the eight Goin’ Down Ladies, have written getting stuck in an elevator with a hunky mysterious guy(s) stories.

Eight different stories were created from the deepest, weirdest recesses of their minds. These stories run the gamut from sophisticated to sensually sweet to hot and sexually explicit. They are intense, funny, romantic, and some have surprise endings. We have it all.

The first anthology is scheduled to be released at ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS on May 23, the second on July 18, 2008. And oh, my yes, there’s something for everyone!

Volume I (May 23) - Two outrageous older women live out separate fantasies with a younger man inside a stuck elevator (The Elevator Man by Collette Thomas). All work and no play makes Jenna a dull girl until she meets Dante, the hot Italian stud who has nothing but the business of teaching her pleasure on his mind (Descent into Pleasure by Renee Michaels). A widow who lives out an erotic dream inside a stalled elevator with a silk clad cowboy (Aft Shaft by Mallory Hall). And a fired secretary releases her frustration on an ex-boss then discovers a mutual attraction that explodes into heated passion in (Fired or Fired Up by Shannon Robinson).

Join us at ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS on May 23 and July 18, because we’re Goin’ Down.

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