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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where the heck do we come up with our characters?

I think this is a question that most readers might wonder about when they pick up a book, i.e. where do we authors come up with these characters.

Jonathan Wetherall the III who made his debut in Hot Sex with a Stranger started out as the quintessential nerdy type. Yet, somehow he has gone through a transition, evolving into someone altogether different from what I had originally envisioned.

No longer the corporate CEO with the two piece pinstripe suit, instead I now see him reflecting more of his darker side. And in Four Play we do get to see more of that side especially since he's expanded his publishing business to now include adult videos.

Yeah, Jonathan is starting to delve into the deeper recesses of his psyche. And while developing the story FOUR PLAY, I noticed Jonathan has an even deeper side of him that has had him in some denial. Because now I'm getting the impression that he may be bi-sexual. I don't normally write m/m romances, but after Four Play, I feel the definite need to write a story that incorporates this developing side of Jonathan.

I'm not sure what Myrna's is going to say about all of this when she discovers her lover may be preferring to spend more time with her roommate's Adrienne's lover, namely Art Wagner.

I realize today this may have been the reason for my coming up with a new Flash Fiction Monday at my Erotic Romance Workshop group -- namely that first time when someone realizes he or she may be attracted to the same sex person. What happens when that occurs? What emotions come into play? Does one go into denial? Or do they go with it? Go where their emotions take them? What will Jonathan do when he finally acknowledges this facet of himself? Will he deny its existence? Will he accept it as part of who he is?

It will be interesting when I start to develop his story. Frankly, I'm not sure what will happen.

We will just have to sit back and see how it all goes from this point on. Meantime, stay tune because FOUR PLAY is up on the Coming Soon page at Forbidden. Release date will be announced here and at my website.

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