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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sample pages of the story are available at both Amazon and Smashwords

The escort service called The Pleasure of Our Company is not your typical escort service.  Tanya Delacourte, second in command, runs its daily activities.  Her girls are loyal and willing to do whatever is necessary to make the service a success.  But there is a slight catch.  The service is under the control of Damon, a centuries old vampire who has finally found his niche in life.  Determined to make a success of The Pleasure of Our Company, will in turn provide Damon through its growing client list a never ending supply of nutritiously rich fresh blood.  And what better way to do it than with beautiful women who blindly do his bidding in order to stay in his favor.
Westin Cove is the perfect place for the coven.  It is secluded enough yet accessible enough from major cities to provide the type of environment as well as clients where Damon’s coven can thrive.
But some of Westin Cove’s citizens aren’t too fond of the fact that an escort service has taken up residence in their community, let alone one that provides an array of forbidden services which include bondage, submission, and the willingness to play out their clients’ dark secret fantasies.
Jonah Church and Stephanie Carter, as well as several dispatchers who make up the small police presence in Westin Cove realize they may be the only ones able to save the town from the vampires’ wrath.
Can good overcome evil, or will evil forces annihilate the good souls in Westin Cove.
This story is not for the faint of heart.  Graphic language, explicit sexual encounters that encompass a bdsm lifestyle makes this a compelling read.  Order the book and then proceed with caution.  This dark tale will take you into realms where reality in and of itself may be questioned.
Collette Thomas writes over the top erotic stories based on full character development. "My characters surprise me and sometimes I must pause, reflect, and muster enough courage to take the plot where it must go."  
Shades of Black is the first book in the Westin Cove Saga.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There Is An Afterlife

I've gained a new prospective on reality.  First, I have to say that I've been reading books on the afterlife.  Actually most of them deal with NDE's (near death experiences.)  It seems for a long time now there is evidence that we do not die with our physical body.  And the last line I read before retiring for the night was, death is only a release.   Actually, that line provided a sense of comfort.  I write some pretty dark stories and now when I settle myself down to develop these stories, I'm doing it from a slightly different perspective. 

Vampires are the undead, once mortal souls who now roam through our reality on a different plane.  Does that mean their consciousness remains with the physical body?  I don't quite understand any of it fully.  Bits and pieces fill my brain and sometimes it becomes a struggle to put two and two together...and most of the time it doesn't add up to four. 

And since I write stories instilled with erotic flavor, some pretty steamy, some over the edge, I'm sure my mind will incorporate my recent readings into these stories.

Westin Cove started out as most stories a simple plot with good guys and bad guys, and everything in between.  Except it has grown more complex than from where I began.  Each character (good and bad) has been developed enough that I can't help but care about what happens to them at the ending of this particulary story (for there will be more.)  A world has been created and from what I can see, and I've been drawn into that world through my writing efforts.  And I'm finding it is a world where escape can be difficult, for the writer as well as any reader.

Soon Westin Cove: Seven Shades of Black will be coming to Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble Online. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fifty Shades of Everything

Fifty Shades of any color is not a bad thing.  But fifty shades of gray has been causing quite a stir to say the least.  I think every talk show I've watched this past month has had a segment about this book on its show.  Today it was Dr. Oz.  And who cannot agree that erotica, erotic romance, erotic fiction can enhance anyone's sex life.  And yes the sexiest organ in the body is of course the brain where fantasies originate to make one's life a little happier, and certainly healthier.

This of course encourages me to continue to write my stories.  At one point in time I thought of packing it in, yet realized that I enjoy writing in this genre.  And as most authors are aware, writing not only what you know, but also write what you enjoy. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall is Here - Where did the summer go?

This morning I had to fish out some of my long sleeved tops.  I'm not ready to do this yet.  I'm not ready for temps below 70.  I've been too focused on my latest WIP to care about changing seasons.   In fact I'm over 85K and at the very end where I now need to make decisions about where this is all going to go.  

The whole novel is comprised of mini stories of each of my characters.  It has presented a challenge in that I've tried to keep in mind that each character needs a character arc; an element that every novel should have.  Do each of my character change from what he/she was in the beginning to what they will become at the end of this story? 

Writing any story is pretty much like taking a journey.  You start out with new fresh ideas, know where you might want to go with the plot.  Then there comes a point where what you thought in the beginning might have to change somewhere in the middle.  It is these twists and turns that take place throughout the creative process that make not only an exciting but challenging endeavor but one that continues to pull me back to it until at least the first draft is finished.

At times I've had to think out of the box on this one and by so doing have been able to I think pull it off. 

Still, nothing is done in concrete and as I progress further on this latest writing journey  I'lll continue to make changes, or get through obstacles in terms of  asking myself is this all making sense?  Is this plausible?  Are there contrivances here?  Coincidences? 

When I'm not at the keyboard and I'm doing other things my mind does not pull itself away from the story plot.  Just the other day while driving to do some grocery shopping I realized one of my characters has a terrible jealous streak in her which will then give more meaning to the final outcome.   I didn't bring along my memo recorder so had to pray this aha moment stayed with me until I got back home to write it down somewhere.   Actually when I woke this morning I remembered preventing it from turning into a faded memory.

Meantime I need to go find some sweatshirts to pull over the long sleeved tops.  It's only 58 out there and fortunately the mercury is still rising.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011



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She bent closer to him and in her most sultry tone said, “So, what do you like doing to a lady?” she asked, as if asking him to pass the saltshaker. “Do you like it straight up, you know, vanilla sex? Or do your fantasies require more? Maybe a quickie, or do you like it long and leisurely where we take our time? Do you want to fondle my breasts, suck my nipples, lick my clit, and would you like it if my pussy gets so dripping wet you can slide right in?”
He straightened more as if he hadn’t heard right. A nervous tic played at the side of his mouth. Innocently enough she smiled at him, all the while taking several sips of her wine, which had already started to go to her head. Two glasses was her quota, but somehow a third glass seemed to be in order tonight.
This one was going to be easy, she mused. Put it right there in front of them, let them think they’re taking the lead, then grab it from them and run with it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weather as Setting

Last night the rains came down...I mean they really came down.  I had just gotten into bed and heard the drumming of the rain on the house...I'm talking all sides of the house, the roof, the siding, the windows, and even the skylight in the bathroom area.

I'm thinking what if there's a flash flood and the house comes off its foundation.  Hey, it happens.  Except I'm up on a mountain and rain that comes down travels right down the mountain road so I don't particularly worry about my house getting washed away.

I looked out the window and I could see the whipping sheets of rain through the swirling fog.  What a perfect night to work on my latest story.  I envisioned Waterman Manor as these same sheets of rain and wind pound against its sides while inside all my characters are contained within its walls.

You see I'm at a point where all hell is going to break loose in the story.  Yet I'm also at a point where I'm not sure how that's going to happen.  Or who's going to win.  And who's going to lose.  We have the quintessential story of Good vs. Evil.  And there's a lot of stuff going on inside my brain at the moment.  Before I get back to typing out the rest of the story I need to first let it play itself out in my mind.  At least for now.  Tomorrow I will dive back into the story and get things rocking and rolling.  But a night like last night I'll try to keep in my mind all the mental images.

A night like last night provides the perfect setting for the next scene I'm going to write.  "Weather can add atmosphere and even psychology to our stories.  Temperature is pain or pleasure; humidity is mood; barometric pressure is destiny (in terms of weather, but also in terms of human nature).  From 170 Ways to Save A Novel by Peter Selgin

Meantime, I'm going to bed and tonight should be a quieter night.