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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Available at Noble Romance Publishing


Author: Collette Thomas



Genre: Erotic Romantic Mystery Suspense

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Rating: Special Content Alert – BDSM,

Can Police Officer/Martial Arts Instructor Josh Tyler protect dance instructor Deirdre Clarke from an abusive stalking ex husband who is determined to win back his ex wife at any cost and through any means that he can?



Deirdre took a deep breath and turned, ready to take Josh Tyler to task for keeping her waiting, but the words died on her lips when she saw him. He was every bit as sexy as his voice. His thick, dark hair, damp from his recent shower, just brushed his collar. A set of crystal blue eyes were set in a smooth, lightly tanned and freshly shaven face—eyes that blatantly ran over her in a slow, appreciative appraisal.

Josh smiled, showing even, white teeth. Deirdre spotted a small, almost undetectable scar over his left brow that did nothing to detract from his rugged good looks, and merely added to them. He wore a white knit shirt that had an emblem embroidered on the pocket. She guessed it had to do with the martial arts school. The fabric molded perfectly to his body. And ohmyGod, what a body. He wasn’t massive or overly built like a bodybuilder, but she knew every muscle in that upper and lower torso had been well developed through years of hard, disciplined training.

Suddenly, her heart did a flip-flop as her earlier vision of Josh Tyler in the shower filled her mind. Only now, having seen him, the image became electrifying. In her mind, soap streamed over smooth, wide shoulders, cascaded over an extremely tight butt, an engorged cock. The impromptu fantasy left her wanting—a longing she hadn’t felt in years, one she hadn’t thought she’d ever feel again.

The man was hot and Deirdre could hear Lisa now. You were a fool to have turned him down that first time.

She forced herself to meet his gaze, only to find him grinning down at her, as if reading her thoughts. Her cheeks grew hot.

“I hope the rentals will pass inspection as well as I seem to have,” he said, his voice laced with humor.

Maddie let out a howl of laughter.

Modesty, Deirdre decided, was obviously not one of Josh Tyler’s stronger attributes. “Sorry if I was staring,” she answered coolly, “but after talking to a person on the phone, and then seeing them in person . . . .”

Josh chuckled. “Hey, I’m not disappointed, either.” His gaze blatantly traveled down her form. “I have to say, for a detective, Luke sure fell short in his description of you. Then again, Luke’s assessments don’t always measure up. He said you were skinny, but I find you to be just right.” His gaze shifted until it fell on the curves of her breasts, then higher, until he appeared to be staring at her mouth.

Deirdre suddenly felt the need to lick her lips. The movement didn’t go unnoticed, as indicated by the subtle arch of one of his brows. What really disturbed her was that she found herself imagining what his lips would feel like, not only on her own lips, but on a variety of other, more intimate places. Yeah, the man was definitely hot—burning hot. Yet, despite the chemistry, she knew she needed to be careful. She could get badly burned with this one.

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Available at Noble Romance Publishing


Carla closed the door behind her. After three months she had become pretty familiar with his place. She put the extra key back into her purse, threw the purse on to a nearby chair. She heard sounds of a shower. Not wanting to startle him, she shouted out her presence.

“I hope you’re nice and clean!” she yelled.

When no reply came she walked over to the master bedroom, peered into the bathroom, over at the rivulets of water dropping down the side of the shower door.

She smiled and walked back into the bedroom, where she would prepare for their night ahead. A rush of excitement filled her knowing that her boss was in for a few surprises.

Moments later, Ted, still naked, walked into his bedroom saw her lying there on top of the royal blue and white comforter over which she had spread a beige sheet. She wore black leather high-heeled boots, nude crotchless panties, and nothing more.

Sprawled across his bed like that, it was all he could do not to fling himself on top of her and take her right then and there.

Except she knew that he knew better than to try.

The game they played had been on-going, and any detraction from the rules ended it forever. It made him all that more obedient, ready to do what she told him. Ted Reisner was not about to take any chance of ending their game.

They played by the rules—her rules

At the bank he was her superior. He set the rules. She followed them.

But here, with roles reversed, he never knew what to expect.

“Come here,” she said, sitting up, then stood.

Slowly, he walked over toward her.

“Tonight I want you to lie face down here,” she told him in a voice demanding instant obedience.

He looked at her, and she saw skepticism cross his face. Yet, they could not play unless he trusted her, despite the fact there would always exist that smidgen of doubt. Doubt about his ability to perform. Doubt if he could follow through with what she planned for them.

She smiled. “We’re going to try something new tonight, and whether you like it or not, you are going to do exactly as I tell you.”


Fuck, he thought, Carla was damn good at this, knowing that any balking on his part brought either the whole game to a halt or some form of punishment from her.

Each time they played through their respective roles each discovered a new facet of the other, and each continued to learn just how far they could push buttons as they became more familiar with the other’s boundaries.

Always feeling a large sense of vulnerability, Ted had come to realize, came with this form of interaction. Now in his own nakedness, little protection was offered for either his physical or emotional state.

And Carla always played it to her advantage.

Every time with each session he was forced to wonder just how far she could or would take it.

He crawled up on to the bed and lay down in the positioned she indicated.

In seconds he felt her inch her own body on top of him straddling him just above his butt, her thighs hugged the small of his back.

Instantly, his cock grew hard. Helplessness he had learned early in life had always been a turn on for him.

He sensed that she bending over him. He felt the warm touch of her nipples on his upper back. God, how he loved sucking those rosy orbs when she allowed him.

She put a blindfold on him. He twisted a bit when she yanked it firm.

“Hands behind your back,” she commanded in a voice that belied her slight thin frame. Petite yet powerful, Carla possessed a body that demonstrated strength most women her size did not have.

Without thinking he hesitated, then knowing the susceptible position this would put him in.

With one knee she pushed into the small of his back. “Now!”

Immediately he obeyed, and winced feeling cold steel bindings encircling his wrists. Like clockwork, he felt his cock hardening further, and the thought of this helpless state gave him such a hard on he felt he could come right then and there. He didn’t dare, hoping he would not pre-ejaculate for that would infuriate her.

He felt her affix bindings to each of his ankle, then spread his legs wide apart, and tied the ankles to velcro binding positioned at the foot of the bed.

“Okay, I think we’re going to have us a little fun tonight.”

“What are you planning to do?” he had to ask at this point.

“Enough with the questions! Plus you don’t really want to know, do you? And spoil the fun? Let’s say I didn’t like it very much when you ignored me the other day. And please call me Mistress.”

“What are you talking about…Mistress?”

“I think you know…the other day in your office when that cute young secretary walked in, and you practically threw me out just to talk to her.”

Ted hesitated, remembering. “She needed to ask me something.”

She pushed firmly with her knee, reminding him, “Mistress!”

“Mistress,” he finished.

“I don’t believe you.”

With that, he felt the first sting across his buttocks. It surprised him, took him off-guard. And it hurt like hell like the quick sting of an angry hornet. Suddenly he felt another and another, one after the other and envisioned a nest of hornets coming up from the ground, coming at him, determined to make him suffer.

Fear suddenly edged his soul.

He hated hornets, had been bitten once as a young boy, had gone into anaphylactic shock, and rescued by quick neighbor who carried an Epi pen.

He clenched his teeth together, unwilling to make any sound that would give her the satisfaction of his knowing the game had been raised to the next level.

Relentless, he could only wonder how long she would continue and how long he could stand the pain, endure the torture without giving in, without saying the safe word,. knowing that he could, and that if he did the game stopped.

As if reading his mind, the stinging ceased.

Then he felt her movement on top of him, all the while she rubbed his red-hot painful butt, massaging it as a mother would after scolding a child, soothingly, lovingly.

Then he felt a sharp cold sensation, and realized she had a put a handful of ice cubes on his butt, to ease the hurt he thought at first. Except she kept the ice in place and it had the opposite effect. The iciness felt more like the bite of a thousand bees.

Yet, despite the pain, he felt his cock grow harder, felt moisture leaking out, caused by the realization she could give him pain or pleasure at will—her will.

Under her complete subjugation, controlled by her desires, her whims, any sadistic impulse she harbored, depending on what side was in control, the dark side, or that side that showed a modicum of compassion.

Good and evil all rolled into one; this woman dictated what would now happen during the next several hours.

“I’m guessing you are really enjoying this,” she whispered into one ear. “But that is not what we want, now is it? We want you to suffer a little as well.”

His breath came faster and he flinched when she started to put in place the ball gag, buckling it securely to his head. He hated when she did this, yet at the same time it pushed his desire for her further.

His fear rose realizing she had rendered him completely useless to save himself, helpless to utter a word—even the safe word that could save him from this further torture.

He could only let out a moan.

He took in a deep breath, felt her move downward on his back, and again she started to massage his buttocks.

The she was spreading his cheeks slightly apart.

He felt something cold and slimy and realized she was using a lubricant, and the very act increased his sense of subservience, the fact that she controlled him in every way now, could do whatever she wanted at will.

The thought made him go weak, considering it was such an intimate act as he felt the lotion seep into his anus, knowing he was unable to stop her from whatever planned objective she now had in mind.

And he started to wonder if he wanted this to go further?

Another groan escaped.

She ignored it.

Suddenly resigned to his fate, a sudden shot of heat coursed through his groin.

He had never been as turned on in his life.

Then he felt her spreading his cheeks farther apart and a sharp quick pain, quick enough so that he would not have considered it abusive, because a shot of hot desire crept through him. The woman was giving him exactly what he wanted. What he needed. How he needed to play their game. No squeamishness on her part. Carla had promised to do it his way. His ex wife would have no part of it, providing him those things that would keep him with her.

“How does that feel?” she asked the tone of her voice emotionless, seemingly unconcerned.

He shook his head.

“Yes, I’m guessing you’re unfamiliar with these butt plugs,” she said, slowly deliberately pushing it in further. “We’ve talked about them, but considering we have not done this before, let’s say at a friend’s suggestion she felt you would enjoy these. Although I’m sure she would be rather shocked knowing that at her suggestion we have been following it to the letter.”

What friend, he wanted to ask as he lifted his buttocks to rid himself of the pushing sensation caused by the plug and his failed attempt to try to pull away from this seemingly assault.

Eventually, he stopped his struggling, felt the hard smack of the crop against his already tender irritated skin.

“No!” she commanded. “Remember you agreed to what is to happen here. During daytime hours, I work my butt off for you. But now, my sweet sex slave, your butt is mine do to with as I please.” Her hand caressed him over the raw tender area, ensuring the plug was secured and would not slip out. The other hand went beneath him, and as she fingered his balls, stroked his cock, adding to his sweet torture, he could feel himself just about to cum. He screamed into the ball gag, but found he could only moan as the delicious sensations continued to course through him.

He wanted to cum so badly, yet knew she was not about to let him experience that pleasure—not yet.

“I am tired,” she suddenly declared. “I am going to take a nice relaxing bath.”

He could not believe her words. Would she leave him there? Bound, gagged, plugged, and ready to cum!

Fucking bitch!

He felt metal being placed into one of his tied hands.

“If you need me for anything urgent, and it better be urgent,” she began, “all you do is ring this. But remember ringing ends the game and we do not play—ever if it’s not urgent!”

Silence followed as she left, leaving him in darkness. She walked into the Master bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Sensations coursed through his body. His cock so hard, yet unable to relieve himself of this urgency that continued to grow inside, his aching butt throbbed, and he knew with time the pain might get worse, yet along with that pain would come that indescribable sensation of utter pleasure.

He also knew he wanted to fuck her when this was over. Fuck her so damn hard, and have her coming all over him.

And the thought kept him from ringing the bell.