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Friday, June 25, 2010

Creating New Worlds, New Communities, New Fantasies

I've been writing for a number of years now.  Still it amazes me how a world can be created even if only inside a writer's brain, and take on a reality that can keep someone like me up nights.

Last night while sitting at this computer until past midnight and working on the sixth story in my series THE PLEASURE OF OUR COMPANY I realized I am or have created another community that will probably have me up future nights thinking about what is going to happen next.

The first community I created for myself was Todd Hollow where a serial killer wreaks havoc within the town of Todd Hollow, also fictitious and specifically the female residents were bodies turn up.  Book One Deadly Games and Book Two Deadly Affairs have been getting their share of nice reviews.  Both stories are available at Damnation Books

And there now exists another albeit fictitious venue called Weston Cove, a location that becomes more real to me with each new story that I write in my series The Pleasure of Our Company.  As I continue creating my characters, both the undead, the living, and somewhere in between, characters engage in activities that are not only secretive, and dark, but may have me experiencing a few more sleepless nights or wake me up mornings as this last story has done.

Scenarios for Adrianna's Story were going through my mind, each scene playing itself out.  I'm not sure exactly how this one is going to end.   It is another short one, succinct, to the point, yet at this writing is demonstrating how deep one can go within the psychological makeup of a character's psyche.  In turn, as most writer become aware doing so enlightens us to the fact that every person has a place inside them they may dare not go, or even want to acknowledge, and may certainly deny its very existence.   That is the shadow part of ourselves.  It exists.  Yet, many can somehow keep it at bay, keep the lid on it, ignore it, overcome it, never give into it, and certainly not live out some of those dark fantasies it might want to play out.

Nick Carter acknowledges this part of himself in the fifth story -- Jaden's Story -- where he is pretty much forced to sample a bit of bdsm and finds it can be addictive.  The elements of pain, pleasure, even fear become for him an aphrodisiac.  Yet, in giving into these desires and fantasies, he risks the life of his sister Stephanie who depends on him and realizes he might be in trouble.  (Can't say any more but the possibilities of what will happen is what kept me up last night.)

I did not know any of this before writing this sixth story and why last night this realization kept me wide awake for awhile.  I finally slipped into bed, watched some TV which soon lulled me to sleep.  Upon awakening a scene immediately entered my mind.  I'll work on that today.  Hopefully, I will get the story done in time to release it next week in time to celebrate the July 4th weekend!

Stories One through Five of the series can be found at and the links to each story can be found in my LISTMANIA list at

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm eating a few pieces of dark chocolate (85% cocoa).  Today I also had some avocado, and an hour later a can of sardines.  I think I've met my quota for essential fatty acids!   

I'm trying to eat everything healthy this week.    Thursday I go for my yearly physical. 

Then I spotted this photo.  

I think is will help raise some of those feel good endorphins, don't you?  It might also raise my blood pressure too.  

But hey...what a way to go!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomorrow's my Birthday!

Today I renewed my driver's license.   I didn't have to wait too long, about a half hour.  I made sure to put some make up on, and when it was time to have the picture taken to smile.  After all I'm going to have to live with the photo for the next six years. 

I'm sitting there and thinking...holy cow, how old will I be then? 

Don't want to think about it.

Age is just a number, which I've been telling myself a lot lately.

I don't feel my age, and hopefully in six years I'll say the same thing.

Then again, I'm hoping considering what is happening in the Gulf, that this world will still be here.

I can't allow myself to think along those lines, but you have to wonder.  What is really happening?  Instead of preserving our environment, we continue to make it unliveable not only for the poor animals but for ourselves.

Hello, the ocean is our source of life!  What happens when that becomes so poluted that all the sea creatures die off? 

Now now did I get on this subject.  Maybe because a driver's license means driving a car that requires gas to operate.  How about providing people like me a vehicle that doesn't need gas, but can actually operate on a source of energy that does no harm to the environment whatsoever.   And providing it at a cost that I people like me on fixed incomes can afford?

Maybe that makes too much sense...common sense.

In any event, the photo above is pretty much what is now on my brand new license, and one that I will have to live with for the next six years. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

READ Excerpts below from the first five stories in the series
THE PLEASURE OF OUR COMPANY now available at for the Kindle

Tanya’s Story, Kacie’s Story, Marcie’s Story, Janine’s Story, and Jaden’s Story.

(Jaden’s story-is the newest release in this series and now available for the Kindle at!)

THE PLEASURE OF OUR COMPANY SERIES is an ongoing series of erotic vampire tales of love and passion.

THE PLEASURE OF OUR COMPANY tells the stories of ladies and gentlemen who work for a very special escort service and what happens to them while others enjoy the pleasure of their company.

(Contains strong explicit sexual language, BDSM, F/F, F/M/F, M/F/M .)




Read what happens in the erotic vampire romance tale when Tanya who runs her own escort service meets up with the man who created her in one of her past lives. Will she be able to free herself from his control and go on to create new destinies for herself, or must she remain within his control and do his bidding?

Seventeenth Century

“I am here to please you, and only you,” the low throaty voice promised. “I hope I do not disappoint you…Master.” The statuesque woman known only as Sierra glanced over at him. Her fingers fumbled with the lacy ribbon at her bosom. She pulled at it until the front of the frilly peasant blouse parted, releasing luscious full breasts.
Instantly, Damon spotted the mocking look in the woman’s dark eyes telling him that Sierra knew damn well what she was doing by faking this submissive attitude toward him.
This woman knew how to control what was about to happen here.
Ahhh, but tonight he planned to do things differently, turn it around and take it to the next level. Yet he sensed she was not ready to be turned. That would come later when he was ready to accept her at that stage in their relationship.
“You are looking at me in a strange way,” she started to comment. “You are like a wolf ready to pounce on its prey.”
He started to laugh, his laughter coming out like a low rumbling growl.
“A wolf I am definitely not. But yes I am hungry, very hungry for you. Every time we are together I feel this is the first time for us.”
Oh how he loved to play these cat and mouse games, especially with this particular female mortal. From the first time they met centuries before she insisted on walking this dangerous tightrope that threatened her very existence. Yet by the same token such an end for her had the potential to form a brand new beginning for them every time they embarked upon a brand new game.
For him that’s all it had been so far—a game; a game that ensured his own existence.
Damon grinned wryly at a slight hesitation he detected in her voice and realized that at some unconscious level she was afraid of him, and of what he could do. She perhaps feared his capability in determining the final outcome of this latest reunion.
At some hidden level he knew also she would always resist his demands.
It was in her nature to resist believing she could actually direct her destiny. She as a mortal understood what she was gambling; more than what she could lose at any blackjack table. Her life.
Yet as far as he was he concerned this was a win-win situation for the both of them despite the ultimate cost for either.
Her subordination fed her desire and fueled a lust to keep playing the game. And played correctly the outcome could lead to either’s annihilation.
Yes, the stakes were always kept high, high enough to maintain their interest—his interest.
He had discovered through their last few sessions that Sierra was a force to be dealt with and would probably not cross over easily. Turning her would always be the kind of challenge he sought with them. And she indeed presented such a challenge for his unique skills; his unique tastes; a challenge that in turn fed his own growing lust for her subjugation.
Submitting to him touched her masochistic side, while satisfying his own sadistic tastes. This deep inner need to be subjugated by him, or by anyone else he guessed presented a controlling force in her existence.
Women like Sierra found it difficult if not impossible to give up any control that cruelly identified them in a society that regarded women as an inferior species.
Yet by forcing her to give up any of that control that she gained in her world is what kept her turned on—him as well. Her need to be dominated by him is what brought them together time after time after time.
Silently, he sat on the wide chocolate brown brocaded leather ottoman, composed, alert, and attentive.
How they had managed in the seventeenth century to find each other again where cultural mores dictate women always obeyed was pure sheer luck.
Master of one’s destiny was not easily accomplished by women like Sierra who liked nothing better than to have their own way all the time.
He maintained his focus on her—not so difficult whenever they met like this. End of Excerpt

EXCERPT FROM KACIE’S STORY (Crossroads) – The Second Story in the series The Pleasure of Our Company. Kacie’s Story is a ménage that involves a hot, steamy, over the top erotic tale of sexual fantasies.



Throughout Sasha Evanson’s life she has had to make important life choices - choices that involved what road should she now take?

Eventually one of these roads or crossroads has taken her to The Pleasure of Our Company where she becomes Kacie Dubois, a woman who works as an escort.

While providing her services for TPOOC she becomes reunited with a past flame, Chase Johnson who years before not only took her innocence, her virginity her love, but also and ended up breaking her heart.

Actually Brandon Johnson, Chase’s younger brother hires Kacie for an entire weekend.

All she is required to do is spend the weekend with both Chase and Brandon where they will enjoy an entire weekend enjoying the pleasure of Kacie’s company.

An important life changing revelation occurs during this presenting to Kacie one more crossroad to take that will put her on a different journey.


The thought of Brandon looking on and now pushing against her created a heated sensation in Kacie. She was not averse to partaking in this ménage. She had done them with both sexes, except this was different. These were two men who had captured more than a sexual interest. Something she did not want to admit, yet tucked somewhere in her mind she could not deny.

A moan escaped her and she could feel her panties grow wetter. The twin cocks pushed tightly against her now, sandwiching her between them. She pulled her lips away from Chase. Her hands splayed on his shoulders for stability and she stood there panting as she tried to gain control over her body and the situation.

“What are we doing?” she asked.

Brandon nuzzled her neck and licked her earlobe. “Ahhh, you know perfectly well what we’re doing,” Chase whispered. “We are enjoying the pleasure of your company.” His voice rasped with emotion.

Kacie rolled her head back to rest on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy what was happening; and the feel of both of them against her.

Suddenly, she chuckled at what Chase had just said as she felt the cool air caress her warm skin. Brandon lowered the zipper on the side of her short black dress, which slipped easily off her breasts and dropped to the floor.

“Yes, I can’t think of anything better,” she said, “than enjoying the pleasure of two men at one time.”


EXCERPT FROM MARCIE’S STORY - The Third Story in the series The Pleasure of Our Company What happen when a former love/hate relation wreaks havoc in Marcie Janelle’s life. Contains BDSM Explicit Sexual Language


Marcie Janelle glanced down at her Blackberry that held the address of this latest client. Nervous anticipation filled her. She had been at this job for only a year. At times it seemed longer, as if she had been doing this her entire life, as if should have been her life’s work providing pleasure to others and not just for her thankless ex husband Donovan Paddock who before they’re split up had warned her she would never leave him.

That bastard. No one told Marcie Janelle what she could or couldn’t do in any of her lives.

Her world had changed drastically since hiring on as an escort for the special escort service that employed mortals as well as non mortals.

No longer married and now divorced she was determined to continue to move forward in her life, and this time in a more positive direction.

At one time she had loved her ex husband with her entire soul, but his jealousy, his dominance had reached a point where she could no longer be with him. She had lived in that emotionally abusive relationship with Donovan Paddock; a relationship that often had her doubting her own sanity.

Thankfully she had been able to leave the fuckin’ asshole. Living with him had been both heaven and hell especially in terms of the sex. She loved the sex with him but afterward she found living with him on a daily basis pushed her into a state of hell.

Restraint orders hadn’t done much in terms of keeping him away, but they were all she had for now as far as any protection from him.

Then one day she met another man, a soulless man named Damon who freed her from her past. Okay, so she had had to sell part of her soul to him, but now she was free in all respects.

Free to live her life.

Free to live beyond the time that most mortals lived.

Okay, so vampirism has its restrictions, but she had been able to adapt quite well to this new existence.

She changed her name to Marcie—the last to Janelle, thinking both had a nicer ring to it then her old one—Edna Paddock. She was no longer Edna. Her dark brown skin, dark flowing hair, and curvaceous body was a far cry from the short bob and stocky shape that only wore shapeless clothing.

Marcie Janelle, female escort number four zero two, her specially assigned ID for TPOOC. She had found a home in TPOOC. A nice support group as well who understood her life as an immortal being, albeit with restrictions. She really couldn’t fly, or transform herself into anything than what she was, a woman who lived her life as freely as possible, and helped others enjoy the pleasure of her company.

She reread the paper; one, one, five, three South West Boulevard on the upper west side.

From all accounts it was an affluent part of the city. She liked that knowing that the clients who lived here could pay well for her services.

No siree, she would not waste her time here on this outcall.

She hugged the short faux pas fur jacket around her. She could well afford the real thing, but her personal connections to local animal shelters prevented her from going that route.

A brisk early spring wind was blowing reminding her that summer was still a ways off. She hated cold weather, hated wearing this many layers of clothing. You’d think vampires didn’t feel the cold considering their status in the world. Even the undead had their limits. She didn’t mind the black high heeled boots that she wore; boots that protected her from the cold pavements. Hell, she wore boots through the summer months as well…sort of her signature.

Shielding her eyes from the sun, pulling her hood over her head she looked up at the oversized townhouse. A dark wooden ornate door reinforced in her mind that who ever lived behind that door could pay top monies for her services.

“Okay, here goes,” she said making her way up the steep steps, taking extra caution not to slip and fall with her three inch heels.

When she reached the top she knocked on the door. After a moment when nothing happened she started too worry. “Great, a possible cancellation,” I happened. Life got in the way for some. Others chickened out. She muttered a short profanity as she lifted her hand to knock again. Before she hit the door’s surface the second time around it opened slightly.

A young man—all she could see was his face—she guessed into his mid thirties peeked out through the crack. As the door opened wider she noticed that his slender muscled physique was sparsely dressed in black running shorts and a white almost see through tank top. His light hair and dark skinned produced an interesting combination. The hair was short and spiky. His sharp black eyes took in her whole figure assessing her as carefully as she was assessing him.

“Marcie?” he asked.

“Yes, and you’re…”

“Drake Bartone.”

She studied him for a moment longer. “I thought—“

“I’m his partner,” he added. “Frank McGregor I’m guessing probably didn’t tell you about me.”

Marcie shrugged. “It really doesn’t matter, as long as I have the right address.”

He smiled, a wide even smile. She actually liked him, an instant attraction. He had a fine sensual mouth, a slender Roman nose, and gentle eyes. Yet, she guessed his preference might not be solely toward the female sex and saw him as more of a bi-sexual than preference for one or the other.

“You have,” he responded. “Donovan is here, and getting ready for you.”

“Really,” she reacted, thinking it strange in a way, and became instantly curious as to what the man felt he needed to do to get ready.

“It’s getting might chilly out here,” she said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, how rude of him. Yes, come on in. It looks like winter isn’t going to give up too easily this year. We have a nice roaring fire going on in the sitting room.”

Sitting room? The use of the word made her wonder exactly what century she was in; a problem at times for those who lived century after century and became unaware of the time periods they were actually in. And who nowadays in this twenty first century had rooms they easily referred to as their sitting room? Cautiously she entered. Immediately, she saw by the ornate foyer she might be getting into something different than what she was accustomed to thinking of the motel and hotel rooms she often patronized.

“I’ll let him know you’re here,” Drake informed her.

She nodded, and walked into the designated room with the promised roaring fire. “You don’t mind if I go right in. I am chilled to the bone with that wind howling out there.”

“Not at all,” Drake said. “There’s hot tea in a pot on the sideboard. Help yourself.”

How nice, she thought. Most times her clients had her getting straight to business. This was a nice respite from previous appointments.

Drake smiled and disappeared. She turned and poured herself a steaming cup of black tea, and helped herself to one of the Biscotti biscuits carefully lined up on a bone china plate. With tea and biscotti in hand, she sat down on to a nearby plush dark burgundy sofa. Moments passed, and she started to feel very relax. This should all go nicely, she thought making note that she had a later appointment that afternoon.

As she concentrated more on her surroundings, she started to feel her eyelids grow heavy, and found that she had to struggle to keep them open. Okay she had been working extra hard lately, fitting in as many appointments as she could, building up that nest egg that would eventually allow her to do all that traveling in the future.

But this was ridiculous. How would it look with her falling asleep here on this sofa?

Things started to go out of focus. Swirling dark clouds surrounded her, and she felt the room disappearing.

I can’t fall asleep. I can’t fall asleep. I need to stay awake….



EXCERPT FROM JANINE’S STORY – The fourth Story in the series The Pleasure of Our Company. Can Janine be saved by two from her past who she once loved and loved her? They carry out a diabolical plot of kidnapping her and taming her. Kacie’s Story is a ménage that involves a hot, steamy, over the top erotic tale of sexual fantasies.


Janine Cantrell works for The Pleasure of Our Company as an escort and when she meets up with two men from her past will she survive that meeting? Both men had once professed their love for Candace, except love can mean different things. Caton Shaw and Marcus Greco had both loved Candace Baker now known as Janine Cantrell, yet she had cheated on both men with the other and then disappeared from their lives. They find her and are bent on saving her from the life she has chosen to live at TPOOC. A fine line exists between love and hate that puts Janine into a place she has never expected to be. Contains BDSM and strong explicit sexual language

“She’s your ex fiancée,” Marcus Greco pointed out to Caton Shaw. “I don’t want no part of this.”

“C’mon, you’ve got to help me out here. Candace needs to come home to where she belongs...with me.” Caton Shaw felt the bulge of his holster beneath the leather vest, where a loaded .45 Colt was tucked safely inside. Not that he needed it at the moment. Yet, it did come in handy working as a bounty hunter. His expertise in locating people allowed him to find anyone at any time, except this time things had been different and it had taken him a while to locate Candace Baker. Information had it that Candace was working inside the city as an escort. Of all the fucking jobs, she would pick one that had her doing things that could send him into a rage.

Information had it that she had changed her name, as well as her looks. He hadn’t seen his fiancée for close to three years. They’d been engaged for almost four before the break up and her making a vanishing act.

“You’re the one that fucked up,” Marcus aptly reminded him. “You had her in your back pocket, and you went and screwed up by screwing someone else two day before your wedding?”

“You must have some perverse enjoyment telling me what I already know. You think I could forget something like that.”

Marcus stared at him, took the beer bottle put it to his lips and finished it off. He tossed it into a recycle bin. “Yeah, well it’s a miracle you and I are still talking. I’m the one, who dated her first, and then she meets the likes of you and before I know it she’s with you.” Marcus looked over at Caton from the other side of the desk. Caton had been going over files on his latest workload. Marcus respected Caton’s work as a bounty hunter, especially in a city where crime statistics were known to rise especially during warmer months. Caton had always been a hero to him, the football hero, the big brother type who took Marcus under his wing through high school, then college, even the military and had remained his friend despite what happened between them regarding Candace.

“Hey it didn’t spoil our friendship any,” Caton said.

“That’s what surprises me the most about all of this.” Marcus paused. “I loved her but hell a guy knows when it’s useless to pursue a dead horse. That woman was madly in love with you.”

Marcus knew Caton didn’t need to hear this from him. Caton had lived with the fact since Candace left him three years before, cheating on her cost him plenty. Caton had tried moving on with his life. He had tried forgetting her. Found that it wasn’t so easy to do either, the moving or the forgetting. Caton had been a foolish man, arrogant, selfish, and downright stupid. How many times had Marcus said that to him? And now that his friend had found the woman who left him, knew where she was living, where she worked, the man was convinced that if he got her back he could make his life work again. All he had to do was convince Candace to leave that place and begin a new life with him.

“Okay, Caton you’re probably right about Candace not belonging there. Candace belonged with us...I mean with you.” He took another beer from a small fridge. ““I’m guessing then you have a plan.”

“Yes. Of course I do. It’s just going to take some finagling to get it all into place. And that’s where you come in.”

“I was hoping you were going to let me in on your plan,” Marcus said, grinning, despite the fact that his hands were clenched around the bottle. The tone in Caton’s voice alone was a forewarning of things yet to come.

Caton knew this was having a large affect on his friend at several levels. But they were good friends. They had fought in Iraq together, had watched each other’s back the whole time there. Neither man doubted the other’s willingness to do whatever was necessary to maintain the friendship.

“It’s simple enough you and I will kidnap Candace Baker.”

Marcus had taken a sip of the beer and almost choked on it as some went down his windpipe. “You’re fucking kidding,” he managed to say. “Right. This is one of your sad jokes. Be serious. What are you planning to do?”

Caton looked at Marcus with a direct stare. “No. I’m serious...dead fucking serious.”

“We could end up in jail.”

“We could. But get this straight. Candace is selling herself inside that city. They don’t call it sin city for nothing. We need to go in there and pull her out of that life. We need to save her. Once we get her away from whatever influence she is under, then she will realize that what we’re doing is for her own damn good.”

Marcus shook his head. “I don’t know about this, Caton. What if she doesn’t want to leave? And I’m guessing that’s not going to be the case. What if she goes ahead and presses charges against us for this…”

“That’s assuming that we get caught.”

“How can we not get caught? She knows who we are. Hey, Caton, I’m not looking to spending my life on the run either. I have a business to run. I have a life to lead, and so far it’s a damn good life.”

And it was true, Caton knew. Marcus had established a reputable hardware business outside the outskirts of Vegas, part of which he had devoted to providing locksmith services for his clientele, one reason why he was now in the city itself to attend a special convention.

“I know all about you and her. I know you loved her as well,” Caton began. “And knowing you the way I do, I believe you are still in love with Candace. You know she is worth saving from the life she has chosen to live.”

Marcus eyes narrowed as he continued to stare at Caton. “What are you talking about?”

“She and you had an affair just before I proposed to her, you and her….” He paused, preferring that Marcus fill in the rest.

“Did she tell you about us?”

“She didn’t have to, but yes, when I confronted her she told me the truth. I think to hurt me more than anything else rather than repair our relationship.”

“So all these years you’ve known. So why now? Why bring this up now?”

“Because then you’ll understand why this must be done. You’ll know that I still love her, and knowing that you probably still love her as well, we together can save her.”

Marcus put down the bottle. “Specifically what do you plan to do?”

Caton smiled, realized that Marcus was finally coming to see things his way. Still there could be glitches ahead considering Marcus did not yet know the entire story or what it was going to take to save Candace Baker aka Janine Cantrell from the depraved life she had set for herself.
End of Excerpt



Nick Carter, P.I. always believed it’s absolutely necessary for an investigator to be willing to go where others won’t and to do what others fear. Plus Nick Carter never gives up. Yet, can he adhere to these beliefs when his former partner Jaden Carrera and her new girlfriend force him to submit in ways that will have him thoroughly enjoying the pleasures of their company.

In the unfolding of this passion play, Jaden confronts jealousy, trust and her own understanding of the romance of a D/s relationship.

BDSM Explicit sexual language


Nick Carter suddenly felt that he had become invisible witnessing one woman masturbate the other, one of whom happened to be his former partner and lover.

Jaden came hard and fast.

God, he wished he were inside her and it was his cock doing the thrusting rather than that woman’s fingers, reminding him of the sessions he and Jaden enjoyed.

Jaden he had come to discover had an insatiable sex drive and the appetite to go with it.

Remembering caused his cock to harden and he cursed the fitted jeans.

Jaden stared directly at him as spasms of her climax wracked her body.

Marcie did not miss a beat as she pushed and pulled her fingers in and out of Jaden’s pussy.

Nick watched, found himself grinning, and hoping that perhaps these two might let him join them at some point. He waited for a signal from either one.

None came.

Fuck them, he thought.

He started to back out of the door.

“Wait!” One of the voices cried out. It was Marcie’s.

He stood still, waited, watched again as their naked bodies eventually emerged from the waters. He had all he could do not to rip his own clothes off, go over to their glistening forms and fuck them both.

Marcie came over to him, wrapped her wet arms around his neck. With one leg wrapped around him she pulled him closer then captured his mouth in one long soul searing kiss.

Jaden looked on while she toweled off and wrapped the towel around her waist. Then without a word she walked out of the bathroom.

Marcie quickly released Nick and also disappeared into the other room, leaving him standing there wondering and still hoping there was more to come.

End of Excerpt







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