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Wednesday, July 23, 2008



I just finished today the first round of edits for my newest story DEADLY SECRETS. This is a full length novel at about 300 pages. The characters have lived inside my head for a while now. The strangest part about the characters we create, at least for me, is that they do indeed take on a life of their own. Some say this really isn't the case, and this is all simply a figment of our imagination. Not real. Just pretend.

But when for a time you find yourself inside the heads of any of these characters, at least for me I start to regard them as taking on a certain realism. Josh Tyler my hero, or Deirdre Clarke, the heroine, I feel I have made new friends. Some characters we grow to like, even love, and some we may simply feel a disdain for, e.g the hero (Bruce Braddock) which in and of itself is not a bad thing. We writer love to hate our villains. And we certainly enjoy making them as "bad" as possible, yet give them a few redeeming qualities.

Villains are made by the words we use. In the process we may struggle so that we avoid the stereotypical villain who may result in someone too predictable. We know at the end of the story good comes out the winner, and evil receives whatever well deserved punishment we can met out.

DEADLY SECRETS provides the gamut of characters, some of whom live life based on what the past has done to them, and some who seek to move forward so they can live a life where they will thrive.

We have characters who attempt to live out their dream, as my heroine Deirdre does when she opens up the dance studio.

We have characters who succumb to that dark side of themselves, which can necessitate some courage in order to follow these inclinations, as one of the secondary characters Maureen Donatelli, who discovers her preference for kinky sex.

BDSM is one of the themes strongly brought forth in this story. The story demonstrates the existence of good BDSM as opposed to not so good BDSM that can have disastrous results.

And of course we have the romance (between Josh Tyler and Deirdre Clare) where the hero and heroine struggle to get to a point where they (and us) can enjoy the happy forever ending, if that should occur. Can't tell you at that point if that happens.

The release for DEADLY SECRETS is scheduled for AUGUST 1st at Noble Romance Publishing. A great time of year I think as it will add one more sizzling tale to that summer reading list!

Collette Thomas
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1 comment:

Lise said...

I heartily agree with your thoughts and experience with having characters spring to life in your mind, with thoughts, feelings and urges of their own.
It is one of the great things about writing, I find, that they lead you places you had never intended they go, often with great results.

I like, too, the notion that you are showing the "good BDSM" and the not-so-good BDSM. Exploring the world of sane, sane and consenual in your novel may help those unfamiliar with the lifestyle to understand both its boundaries as well as its appeal.

Good luck!