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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I think! 

I'm still wearing winter clothing.  I'm looking out there now and will soon take my dog for her walk.  Do I still put on my earmuffs, gloves, scarf?  Yesterday we had a wet snow falling during the afternoon.  I do see a few robbins and wonder if they're confused by it all.

Meantime, I'm finishing up on the latest story in my mini series The Pleasure of Our Company.  I'm enjoying this project simply because although I have an idea where it's going to go, getting there is half the fun as well as the frustration.

Rhonda's story is the most recent and creates a turning point in the overall story line.  Readers will realize yes the small community of Weston Cove is indeed at war, or will be soon but don't realize it yet. 

The story should be available at Amazon by next week.  I'm tweaking a few things and look forward to adding it to the seven stories that are already available at

Meantime, let me go get my earmuffs, gloves, scarf and get my dog out there.  We both need to get out there and get some good old sun.

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