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Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Almost Spring ---

We had a rainstorm last night.  I looked out my window this morning and saw my lawn for the first time in weeks!  Yes, I have been pretty much snowed in this winter.  It was a rough winter for most of us here in the Northeast, especially here in Connecticut.  And especially with roofs caving in right and left, one of them not less than a mile from me, an abandoned building that is now a pile of twisted steel and concrete. 

The winter actually distracted me from my writing projects.  For some reason I just couldn't quite concentrate.  I gave myself a bit of slack because of it.  When you see your neighbors climbing their roofs to shovel off two feet of snow it can produce some anxiety and cause for concern.  I literally had tunnels made so that I could get out of my house.  For some this was a fun adventure.  For me at my age it kept reminding me how mother nature can dictate what we can or cannot do. 

Today I felt once again hopeful that things may get back to normal, except normal is a term based on a lot of variables.  Living all the years I've lived normal loses its full meaning because a life changes in ways that one is either prepared or not prepared for and simply learns to go with the flow.

The certainty that I had once felt in my younger years is gone.  Yet because of that life takes on a whole new dimension that at times fills me sometimes with awe, sometimes with "uncertainty," and sometimes with a determination to see it all through.

The snow is disappearing, and soon the crocuses that always show up bringing along with them that feeling of certainty will hopefully find there way up through the soil again.  Four plus feet of snow laid on top of that earth pile for weeks so I'm hoping and praying that things will get back to normal.

My latest story  - Rhonda's Story is awaiting my input.  I think the longer days help me by providing the sunlight that in turns feeds the energy I need to complete this latest in my mini series The Pleasure of Our Company.  The whole thing has been germinating for a while now, and I am feeling that restlessness that can come when developing these storylines.

Meantime, I cannot wait to spot my first Robin. 

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