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Monday, August 30, 2010

When Fiction and Reality Merge

The other day I took a ride down a road located in my area.  This particular road I've mentioned before in earlier posts.  The name of the road is the same as the name of my series - Todd Hollow.  

It was a bright summer day producing deep well defined shadows.  Driving down the winding roadway, through what can look like a tunnel of tall trees, the shadows were quite pronounced.  The smalls lakes were high from the rainfull.  Some of the water had become discolored probably by growing algae beneath the surface.  The road produces a polarizing effect in that there are some really nice homes, but not far from these are small shacks, and what looked like abandoned trailers.  An abandoned horse trailer, rusted, dented, some of the brownish paint showing through gives a sense of not only abandonment, but also a sinister air of perhaps evil wrongdoing having been committed. 

Images of submerged bodies float through my mind.  I think of the stories I can write, and the fact that horrific events can occur along any road inhabited by ordinary folks. 

Yep, that's the way the mind of a writer works, at least my mind.  

Within our subconscious I think writers already create ahead of time their stories where they can germinate, percolate, and eventually come to fruition.  

The what if's fly fast and furious.  

We as writers don't just see through the boughs of trees, we see past them, into another dimension where roles are played out as good and evil battle it out.
Who remembers Pet Cemetery?  

Who remembers the road Stephen King writes about -- a back road in Maine -- similar to this road I talk about where fast moving trucks barrel by, some filled with newly cut timber?  And who remembers what happens to the main character's pet cat?   I was an avid Stephen King fan and so I continue somewhere in my psyche to become inspired by this genre.

A sense of impending doom fills me to some degree whenever I take the time to drive down Todd Hollow Road.  

Yes, I am inspired.  Story ideas queue up inside my brain, triggering those innermost cells to store the images so that when I sit down at my computer, I draft up a storyline that serves as somewhat of a catharsis or release for my own fears of the unknown.  

The third story in Todd Hollow is doing just that.  I know it is.  I feel this energy swirling inside me, plus an anticipation as well.  I want to get started.  In fact  I know before the distractions of these summer months I did start the third book.  The characters are waiting for me.  One in particular who must drum up the courage within himself to return to a place that had stolen from him his most prized possession.   Do I know what that is yet?  Somewhere in the nucleus of the cells of my brain, the part that stores memories from past times, I do.

Tonight I will again remember to lock my doors! 

One sight that greets the eye along Todd Hollow Road.

Yes, the truck on the right reads PHANTOM TRANSPORT.  This was taken last spring.  It is no longer there as of yesterday.  I'm thinking it disappeared, and just maybe might be found at the very bottom of the pond that is now covered with a thin coat of algae. 

Through these boughs I envison not only the lake waters, but something 
sinister ... something that will ensure I keep my doors locked at night. 

DEADLY GAMES and DEADLY AFFAIRS can be found at DAMNATION BOOKS  - The first two stories in my TODD HOLLOW SERIES. 

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