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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creating New Worlds

While working on the eighth story in my mini series The Pleasure of Our Company I realized I had indeed created a new world, a fantasy world in which my mind will dwell for as long as I write this series.

For those who have read the first seven stories will easily see that what I've done with each story is to introduce characters.  Each character has their own story to tell.  It is like going into a new town and getting to know the people that live there.  Slowly, we start to form a sense of connection not only with the characters but the venue in which they exist, which is an escort service that provides pleasures in all forms for their clients.

Why an escort service?  I felt it provided an intriguing background for these characters, especially since such characters present a complex psychological makeup that allows me to create stories that can push the envelope.  Also the fact that good vs. evil is the common denominator here.  Who will win out?  Or will this become a never ending battle between the two, as it is in life.

The story line has been a constant challenge in the fact that I live with these characters in a way that will have me guessing each of their outcome.  Rhonda Barrett's story is the last one as far as introductions go.  This tells me that I've completed Book One in the series.  Book One is the initial phase where we get a glimpse of what is to come.  Deputy Jonah Church expresses it more succinctly in my last story when he tells a fellow co-worker we are in war!.  She assumes he means Afghanistan, but he clarifies that the war may take place right there in Westin Cove.

These revelations are what has been happening to me starting with Tanya's story, who is not the Master of her coven but we discover is only second in command.  Damon controls, orchestrates, and pretty much calls the shots.

From the start as I introduce these characters, each one has enough power within themselves to wreak havoc in the lives of those who form some connection with them.

The community they all exist is called Westin Cove, a fictitious town set somewhere within the boundaries of the state of Nevada.

Yes, I've created this world, and will continue to write these stories that can bring the mind to places of extraordinary circumstances.

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RHONDA'S STORY - Scheduled for a September 2010 Release

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