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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomorrow's my Birthday!

Today I renewed my driver's license.   I didn't have to wait too long, about a half hour.  I made sure to put some make up on, and when it was time to have the picture taken to smile.  After all I'm going to have to live with the photo for the next six years. 

I'm sitting there and thinking...holy cow, how old will I be then? 

Don't want to think about it.

Age is just a number, which I've been telling myself a lot lately.

I don't feel my age, and hopefully in six years I'll say the same thing.

Then again, I'm hoping considering what is happening in the Gulf, that this world will still be here.

I can't allow myself to think along those lines, but you have to wonder.  What is really happening?  Instead of preserving our environment, we continue to make it unliveable not only for the poor animals but for ourselves.

Hello, the ocean is our source of life!  What happens when that becomes so poluted that all the sea creatures die off? 

Now now did I get on this subject.  Maybe because a driver's license means driving a car that requires gas to operate.  How about providing people like me a vehicle that doesn't need gas, but can actually operate on a source of energy that does no harm to the environment whatsoever.   And providing it at a cost that I people like me on fixed incomes can afford?

Maybe that makes too much sense...common sense.

In any event, the photo above is pretty much what is now on my brand new license, and one that I will have to live with for the next six years. 

1 comment:

Caffey said...

It is a beautiful pic Colette! I still have a pic that was so long ago and can't believe I haven't had to have a new pic! Wonder when its up again! Happy birthday!!!

Yep, I feel so sad each time I watch the news about the Gulf. Its more devastating each day. I so pray for hope that their is good news soon.