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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm eating a few pieces of dark chocolate (85% cocoa).  Today I also had some avocado, and an hour later a can of sardines.  I think I've met my quota for essential fatty acids!   

I'm trying to eat everything healthy this week.    Thursday I go for my yearly physical. 

Then I spotted this photo.  

I think is will help raise some of those feel good endorphins, don't you?  It might also raise my blood pressure too.  

But hey...what a way to go!


Natalie Acres said...

Congratulations on your success, Collette. I'm a fan of your work and I'll check back often. Pictures like this man-candy photo will keep a lot of gals coming back for more. ;)

Natalie Acres

Collette Thomas said...

I agree..I find myself coming back a lot more! L0L