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Friday, June 25, 2010

Creating New Worlds, New Communities, New Fantasies

I've been writing for a number of years now.  Still it amazes me how a world can be created even if only inside a writer's brain, and take on a reality that can keep someone like me up nights.

Last night while sitting at this computer until past midnight and working on the sixth story in my series THE PLEASURE OF OUR COMPANY I realized I am or have created another community that will probably have me up future nights thinking about what is going to happen next.

The first community I created for myself was Todd Hollow where a serial killer wreaks havoc within the town of Todd Hollow, also fictitious and specifically the female residents were bodies turn up.  Book One Deadly Games and Book Two Deadly Affairs have been getting their share of nice reviews.  Both stories are available at Damnation Books

And there now exists another albeit fictitious venue called Weston Cove, a location that becomes more real to me with each new story that I write in my series The Pleasure of Our Company.  As I continue creating my characters, both the undead, the living, and somewhere in between, characters engage in activities that are not only secretive, and dark, but may have me experiencing a few more sleepless nights or wake me up mornings as this last story has done.

Scenarios for Adrianna's Story were going through my mind, each scene playing itself out.  I'm not sure exactly how this one is going to end.   It is another short one, succinct, to the point, yet at this writing is demonstrating how deep one can go within the psychological makeup of a character's psyche.  In turn, as most writer become aware doing so enlightens us to the fact that every person has a place inside them they may dare not go, or even want to acknowledge, and may certainly deny its very existence.   That is the shadow part of ourselves.  It exists.  Yet, many can somehow keep it at bay, keep the lid on it, ignore it, overcome it, never give into it, and certainly not live out some of those dark fantasies it might want to play out.

Nick Carter acknowledges this part of himself in the fifth story -- Jaden's Story -- where he is pretty much forced to sample a bit of bdsm and finds it can be addictive.  The elements of pain, pleasure, even fear become for him an aphrodisiac.  Yet, in giving into these desires and fantasies, he risks the life of his sister Stephanie who depends on him and realizes he might be in trouble.  (Can't say any more but the possibilities of what will happen is what kept me up last night.)

I did not know any of this before writing this sixth story and why last night this realization kept me wide awake for awhile.  I finally slipped into bed, watched some TV which soon lulled me to sleep.  Upon awakening a scene immediately entered my mind.  I'll work on that today.  Hopefully, I will get the story done in time to release it next week in time to celebrate the July 4th weekend!

Stories One through Five of the series can be found at and the links to each story can be found in my LISTMANIA list at

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