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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sample pages of the story are available at both Amazon and Smashwords

The escort service called The Pleasure of Our Company is not your typical escort service.  Tanya Delacourte, second in command, runs its daily activities.  Her girls are loyal and willing to do whatever is necessary to make the service a success.  But there is a slight catch.  The service is under the control of Damon, a centuries old vampire who has finally found his niche in life.  Determined to make a success of The Pleasure of Our Company, will in turn provide Damon through its growing client list a never ending supply of nutritiously rich fresh blood.  And what better way to do it than with beautiful women who blindly do his bidding in order to stay in his favor.
Westin Cove is the perfect place for the coven.  It is secluded enough yet accessible enough from major cities to provide the type of environment as well as clients where Damon’s coven can thrive.
But some of Westin Cove’s citizens aren’t too fond of the fact that an escort service has taken up residence in their community, let alone one that provides an array of forbidden services which include bondage, submission, and the willingness to play out their clients’ dark secret fantasies.
Jonah Church and Stephanie Carter, as well as several dispatchers who make up the small police presence in Westin Cove realize they may be the only ones able to save the town from the vampires’ wrath.
Can good overcome evil, or will evil forces annihilate the good souls in Westin Cove.
This story is not for the faint of heart.  Graphic language, explicit sexual encounters that encompass a bdsm lifestyle makes this a compelling read.  Order the book and then proceed with caution.  This dark tale will take you into realms where reality in and of itself may be questioned.
Collette Thomas writes over the top erotic stories based on full character development. "My characters surprise me and sometimes I must pause, reflect, and muster enough courage to take the plot where it must go."  
Shades of Black is the first book in the Westin Cove Saga.

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