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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There Is An Afterlife

I've gained a new prospective on reality.  First, I have to say that I've been reading books on the afterlife.  Actually most of them deal with NDE's (near death experiences.)  It seems for a long time now there is evidence that we do not die with our physical body.  And the last line I read before retiring for the night was, death is only a release.   Actually, that line provided a sense of comfort.  I write some pretty dark stories and now when I settle myself down to develop these stories, I'm doing it from a slightly different perspective. 

Vampires are the undead, once mortal souls who now roam through our reality on a different plane.  Does that mean their consciousness remains with the physical body?  I don't quite understand any of it fully.  Bits and pieces fill my brain and sometimes it becomes a struggle to put two and two together...and most of the time it doesn't add up to four. 

And since I write stories instilled with erotic flavor, some pretty steamy, some over the edge, I'm sure my mind will incorporate my recent readings into these stories.

Westin Cove started out as most stories a simple plot with good guys and bad guys, and everything in between.  Except it has grown more complex than from where I began.  Each character (good and bad) has been developed enough that I can't help but care about what happens to them at the ending of this particulary story (for there will be more.)  A world has been created and from what I can see, and I've been drawn into that world through my writing efforts.  And I'm finding it is a world where escape can be difficult, for the writer as well as any reader.

Soon Westin Cove: Seven Shades of Black will be coming to Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble Online. 

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