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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Yahoo Promo Groups for Readers and Writers of Erotic-Erotica and Paranormal Fiction

I maintain two Yahoo groups, moderating them on a daily basis to alleviate any spam from coming through. I hope these groups continue to grow as I think some really great excerpts come through as well as where to go to order these reads.

In the day of Indie authors, there are some terrific reads that go above and beyond what a reader might find in a bookstore mainly because bookstores stock a few select authors.  Yes, don't get me wrong, great reads are found there as well.  But the world is a big place and there are so many other writers who create spellbinding stories that may never have seen the light of day based on whether they are selected and their work is put on a bookstore's shelves.  

Meaning not all stories fit into one specific genre but actually cross genres and produce literary worlds that can be unlike anything we've read since mankind first realized words on a page (or in stone) tells a story that others can enjoy.

EROTIC-EROTICA FICTION GROUP and LET'S PROMOTE EROTICA PARANORMAL FICTION are two groups to join to learn about new reads and new authors.

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