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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay, I've done it before, killed off a few characters in my stories. Never an easy thing to do, especially after developing an affinity for some of these characters. I did it in Deadly Games, as well as in Deadly Affairs. Deadly Affairs was particularly difficult. After I wrote the scene, I actually felt ... sad, a little depressed, yet it had to be done.

I'm working on my latest story in my series The Pleasure of Our Company, and am there again, where I'm having to make the choice to do away with a character. Except, I'm not sure which one at this point. I know that by allowing the story to percolate a bit inside my mind, that eventually I will have an epiphany of sorts. I can either be in the shower, singing the latest Lady Gaga song, or dancing on the dance floor to the music of the Pussycat Dolls, or just taking my puppy for her daily walk.

It will come. I'm sure of it. And that is what so great about how the mind works because even as I'm typing this posting, something is going on in another part of my consciousness that will have me write the last chapters of my story titled JANINE: ALL TIED UP. This story is the fifth one actually in my series The Pleasure of Our Company.

The first is Tanya's Story

The second is Kacie's Story

Then comes Marcie's and Janine's stories.

All of these stories are up at

Anyone can find them by typing in the name Collette Thomas and you'll find the listing.

Okay, back to the drawing board or in this case Chapter seven of JANINE'S STORY - ALL TIED UP!


Caffey said...

Hi Collette! I never thought of how it would be thinking of which character to kill off! As a reader, I'd be reading and yep, I get emotionally caught up too with it all, but I would see around it, that it happens because of the story I'm reading. Your characters talking to you but probably not that part? LOL

Great post!! Have a good holiday weekend.

Collette Thomas said...

While writing this story I had several endings in mind. When I came to that last chapter, then I knew between two of the characters which one needed to make his/her departure. It all fell into place. I'm starting the sixth story, and this one is starting out with a murdered victim. At this point I'm wondering will this will lead to as I get more into the process of plotting it out. And I just love surprises!